How to Implement rel = author on WordPress Blog


As my first blog post on my personal blog, I will start it with the reason that let me setup and launch my personal blog, the Authorship markup.Google has gifted all authors a rel=author markup in search results. this will help searches discover great content.

To identify the author of a blog or article, Google checks for a connection between the content page (such as an article), an author page, and a Google Profile. Authorship markup uses the rel attribute (part of the open HTML5 standard) in links to indicate the relationship between a content page and an author page (** Authorship markup)

To implement it in my blog, I create a an “About me” and i used custom menus to be able to add the rel=”author” in the href linking to my about page. to do so you need to:

  • Create About you page
  • Go to Menus under Appearance
  • Create a Menu, click Save
  • Check the “About me” page in the left column and click “Add to menu”
  • In this step you have to click “Screen Options” on top and check “Link Relationship (XFN)”
  • now go to the “about me”  showing in the Menu and click the small down arrow
  • fill the rel box with “author”.
adding rel author to menu
  • Now while you write your About page make sure that every social profile, author page on a different blog and your Google + profile. you need to add a rel=”me” in every link.
  • in this final step go to Google Rich Snippet testing tool
verify with google rich snippet tool
and Voila !! The connection is verified, and now basically you have to wait for Google spiders to recrawl your website and do their work.
One last important note is in the you need to fill out this form, in case you missed something in the implementation of the authorship markup.
A big thank you to Yoast and his great guide he have about the rel author implementation in WordPress.
If you have any question, I ll be more than happy to answer them,
Wissam Dandan
Merging English & Arabic search into a global business market. Strong understanding of SEO, Web Analytics & SM strategy. International SEO Consultant.
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